Privacy Policy

Last update: 30/9/22

We (We", 'Us' or 'Our) are committed towards protecting your Personal Data.

This Privacy Policy was created in order to inform you how We manage and store the information you provide about the website TradeGenesis .

These are our principles.

  • Be transparent regarding the collection, processing and deletion of Personal Data.

When you visit our website or agree to trade with a third-party trading platform, it is important for Us that you have all the information you need to make educated choices about the processing your Personal Data. We will use various techniques to give you relevant information about how Personal Data is processed.

If we feel you are required to provide specific information, We'll do so at the appropriate place and time.

We are happy to answer all your questions. To do this, please send an email: [email protected]

  • Personal Data is only to be used as described in the Policy.

Personal Data we may use to contact you for the following purposes: to make the Website available to your and provide you with a link to a third-party trading platform (the "Services" ), and to enhance your user experience (including the Website), protect Our rights or interests, to do business and administration that supports the provisioning of the Services to Website users and/or to meet any legal and/or regulatory requirements.

Personal Data also may be collected to determine your preferences and individual needs.

  • To devote significant resources in respect of your rights in regard to Personal Data regarding you:

We use significant resources to enable you to exercise all your rights as a data subject. To review your Personal Data and to have it altered, erased, stopped using it for specific or general purposes, or transferred to you or another party, you can approach us. We will follow the law and fulfill your requests.

  • To ensure your privacy,

Although we cannot promise complete protection of Personal Data about your, we can say that we use and will continue use a wide variety of means and procedures to ensure Personal Data about yourself is secure.

Our Complete Privacy Policy

1. The Scope?

This Policy outlines the type and use of Personal Data collected by the Company about natural persons.

This Policy uses the term "Personal Data", to refer to information about an identified or identifiable natural persons. An identifiable natural persons is one that can be identified. This could be done directly or in combination of additional information that We have, or that We have.

This Policy defines the term "processing" Personal Data as any operation or group of operations that are performed on Personal Data.

Our Services are intended for a general audience. We do not intend to collect, solicit or allow anyone under the age 18 to use our Services. We will delete any child-related information that we find out about.

2. What are the circumstances in which we may collect your personal data?

Personal Data we collect about you every time you use the Service, use the service channels, and use this Website. In some cases, you will be actively providing us with the Personal Data. In others, we will examine and analyze your use and interactions with Our Services, Our service channels and the Website. We may also receive your data through third-party partners.

3. There is no obligation for personal data to be provided to the company.

You do not have to give us any Personal Data. In certain cases, you might not have to give Us any Personal Data. If we do not, the Services will be unable to provide the Services. The Website may also stop you from accessing the Services.

4. What kind of Personal Data can We Collect? We collect personal data when you access the website.

This information includes traffic logs, online activity logs, and information about your device. Some of this information might not identify you personally and may not constitute Personal Data.

Personal Data That We Receive from You: any Personal Data, which you freely give to Us when contacting a third-party platform through Us.

Personal information You give specifically to be submitted to third-parties platforms for trade. this information includes full name, telephone number, email address and email.

5. The Legal Basis And The Purposes Of The Processing Of Personal Data

The Company processes Personal Data of you for any or all of the purposes described in this section.

Unless there is a legal basis to do so, the Company won't process Personal Data. These are the legal basis on which Personal Data may be processed by the Company:

  • You have consented for the processing or your Personal Data to be used for one or more of these purposes. This applies when you give your Personal Data to us through the Website.
  • Processing is necessary to pursue legitimate interests by the Company, or by third parties. To improve Our Services, for defense or prosecution of legal claims.
  • Processing are necessary to comply with a legal requirement to which the Company is subject.

If you would like to know more about the processing necessary for legitimate interests pursued either by the Company, or by a Third Party, you can reach Us by sending an email to the address.

The following table outlines the purposes for and the legal basis for processing Personal Data.

Object Legal Base

To provide your personal details to third parties on your request . In order to approach digital, trade

Personal Data that you provide may be used to contact third parties.

You have given your consent for the processing personal data to one or more of these purposes.


To answer your questions, complaints, or requests

Personal Data are required for responding to your queries about the Services.

Processing is necessary in order to pursue the legitimate interests of the Company or third parties.


To meet any legal obligation or judicial/administrative orders

Personal Data are collected to ensure that we can comply with all of our legal obligations.

To comply with a legal obligation, the Company must process it.


To enhance Our Services

Personal Data can be used to improve Our Services. These may include any crash logs, or other malfunction reports, that we have obtained about Services.

For legitimate interests pursued at the Company or by a Third Party, processing is necessary.


Abuse of Our Services is prohibited to prevent fraud.

Processing is necessary in order to pursue the legitimate interests of the Company or third parties.


You can perform and maintain different activities to support the provisions in Our Services

Such activities include back-office functions, business development activities, strategic decision-making, oversight mechanisms, etc.

Processing is necessary in order to pursue the legitimate interests of the Company or third parties.


To perform analysis including statistical analysis

For different issues, we use many analytical measures (including statistics) to make our decisions.

Processing is necessary in order to pursue the legitimate interests of the Company or third parties.


We protect third party's interests, rights and assets. This includes initiation, exercising, or defense of legal actions

Personal Data we may use to protect Our rights, interests, and assets as well those of third parties under any law regulation or agreement.

Processing is necessary in order to pursue the legitimate interests of the Company or third parties.

6. Transfer of personal data from one party to another

The Company may also give your Personal Data to third parties that provide us services, such hosting and storage providers, IP address data, analysis of users experience, research, analytical, technical and diagnostic services.

You may also ask that We disclose certain Personal Data concerning you to third party trading platforms. In such cases, We may share Personal Data that we receive from you to enable us to provide such services to other parties. These third parties will then have their own privacy policies. We may share your Personal Data with third party trading platforms.

The Company may also disclose Personal Data about you to related entities and business partners. This gives the Company the resources it needs to enrich and enhance the services and products that it offers to its customers.

Personal Data that you provide to the Company may be shared with local, regulatory, and government authorities. If such disclosure is required to protect Our rights, assets, interests, and assets of third parties, including the defense or initiation of legal claims.

We may also share Personal Data with potential investors or purchasers of, or lenders, to the Company and/or any other company within that group.

7. Cookies and Third Party services

We may use certain third-party service providers, such an analytics company or companies delivering adverts on our Website. They might also use cookies and other technologies.

Cookies (which are small text files) are placed on the device that you use to access the Website. Cookies can be used to collect information and track your activities in order to improve the user experience, remember your preferences and settings, customize the site and offer you products or services that may appeal to you. Cookies may also allow for statistics to be collected and used for analysis.

Some cookies we might use are session cookies. These cookies are temporarily stored on your device and last only until you close your webbrowser. Others are persistent cookie, which remain on your device for as long as you browse the Website. They can also be used to assist the Website in remembering who you are when you return.

Types and uses of cookies:

We can use the following cookies:

Types Cookies Object Additional Info
okies Only When It's Absolutely Necessary

These cookies will only be used to enable you navigate the Website and access any requested features. These cookies enable us to provide you with the content, products, or services you request.

These cookies are required to help your device download and stream information so that it can navigate around the website, use its features, or return to pages previously visited.

These cookies collect Personal Data (user name, last login date) and are used to identify you when you log in to the Website.

These cookies disappear when you close your browser (session cookie).

Functionality Cookies

These cookies allow you to be recognized when you return the Website.

These cookies can survive the close of your web browser and will remain in effect until their expiry.

Performance Cookies

These cookies provide aggregated statistics concerning the Website's performance. They also help to test and improve this performance in order for the user to have a better experience. Additionally, they enable Us to perform analytics on the Website.

These cookies collect anonymized information that isn't associated with any identified or identifiable natural people.

These cookies can be valid for different periods. Some of them are automatically deleted when you close your web browser. Other cookies have an indefinite validity.

Blocking and removal

You can adjust your browser settings in order to block or delete certain cookies. Here are the instructions for how to do so with some of most popular web browsers.

  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari

Be aware, however, this could cause some or all the features and functionality of the Website to not work as intended.



8. Retention Of Personal Information About You

The Company will keep Personal Data on you for as many years as it needs to fulfill the purposes of the Personal Data processing, as specified in this Policy. Or for longer periods, as required by applicable legislation, regulations, policies, and orders.

We will share data with third-party platforms for 12 monthly periods. This is subject to your consent.

We regularly review Personal Data stored by Us in order for us to make sure that it is not held longer than necessary.

9. Transfers personal data to an international or third country

Personal Data concerning you may be transmitted to a third country (e.g. International organizations or jurisdictions. In such cases, the Company will use appropriate safeguards in order to protect Personal Data concerning you and to provide enforceable data subject rights as well as effective legal remedies for data persons.

If you are a resident in the EEA (European Economic Area), please be aware that these protections and safeguards will apply if any of these conditions are met.

  • The Personal Data will be transferred to a third nation or international organisation that the EU Commission has determined to offer adequate protection.
  • The transfer must be made according to an legally binding and enforceable instrument between public agencies or bodies conform√©ment to Article 46(2)(a).
  • The EU Commission adopted standard data privacy clauses pursuant to Article 46(2) (c) GDPR. The clauses adopted by the EU Commission can be viewed at

If you would like to know more about how the Company protects your Personal Data from being transferred to another country or international organization, please send an email at the following address [email protected]

10. Personal Data Protection

We employ appropriate technical, organizational, and security measures to protect Personal Data. These include protection against accidental or illegal destruction, loss, alteration or unauthorized disclosure.

We do not guarantee privacy and cannot represent it. We will not be liable for any indirect incidental, consequential, punitive, or special damages that may result from the use or publication of Personal Data.

Personal Data that you provide may be required by law or other obligations not under our control to be transmitted to third parties. This could include public authorities. In such cases, We can only limit our control over the level to which the Personal Data provided by such third-parties is protected.

Personal Data that is transferred via the Internet cannot be protected completely. Personal Data may not be protected by the Company when it is transmitted to Us over the Internet.

11. Links to third-party websites

The Website may include links to third party websites and/or apps. The Company doesn't have control over such websites or applications. These websites or applications may collect and/or use Personal Data. We don't take responsibility for these websites and their privacy policies. This Policy does no apply to actions taken through such applications and websites.

We recommend that before accessing these websites and/or application, you carefully review their privacy policy and never disclose any Personal Data.

13. Your rights concerning the personal information you have about you

You can request from Us that we confirm whether Personal Data are being collected on you. If so, you may ask to see such data. To rectify any inaccurate content and to erase Personal Data no more required by Us. You have the option to restrict your consent to certain processing.

If You are an EEA citizen, please check this section below:

You have the right to access the Personal Data that you provide. To exercise such rights you can send an email to this address.

Right for access

The Company can confirm whether Personal Data regarding you are being collected and what purposes they have.

The Company will provide a copy to you of any Personal Data being processed. Additional copies may be required by you at a reasonable charge. If you send the request electronically, the information will be given in a common electronic format, unless you specifically request otherwise.

The right to request a copy or a copy of Personal Data does not affect the rights or freedoms of others. If your request causes harm to other people's rights and freedoms, the Company may deny you access or only partially fulfill your request.


The Company can correct any inaccurate Personal Data concerning you. You can ask for incomplete Personal Data to be completed taking into account the purpose of processing.


The following grounds are applicable: (a. Personal Data is no more necessary in relation the purpose for which they were collected; and (b. you withdraw your consent for processing. There is no other legal ground. (c. You object at anytime to the processing Personal Data that you provide for direct marketing purposes.

This right is not available if processing is necessary for: (a. compliance with a law obligation that requires processing by European Union/Member State law to which Company is subject; and (b. establishment, exercise, or defense legal claims.

Limitation of processing

If one of these applies, you may request from the Company that Personal Data be limited about you.

If Personal Data regarding you have been restricted after your request, such Personal Data shall be only processed with your permission or to the establishment, exercise, defense, or protection of legal claims or the rights and interests of another natural or juridical person or the important public interest of the European Union, or a member state.

Right to data portability

If you consent to or are a party in a contract, and if the processing involves automated means, you have the rights to request the Personal Data that you have provided to us.

Your right to data portability allows you to have your Personal Data transmitted from the Company directly to another controller where technically feasible. Your and the Company's rights under the right-to-erasure do not change by exercising your right at data portability. You also have the right to data transferability without affecting the rights and freedoms that others.

Right To Object

You have the right of object at any stage, on grounds that relate to your specific situation, to processing of Personal Data. We will cease processing Personal Data about you in such cases unless there are compelling legitimate grounds that override the interests, rights and freedoms of you or for the establishment exercise or defense legal claims.

You have the ability to object at anytime to the processing personal data about you for direct market purposes, including profiling.

Right To Withdraw Consent

You have the option to withdraw consent given by you for the purpose processing Personal Data. This does not affect the lawfulness or legality of any processing done prior to your withdrawal.

Right for a complaint to be lodged with a supervisory authorities

You have the right, in certain circumstances, to lodge a complaint against a supervisory agency established by a Member to safeguard the fundamental rights or freedoms of natural people with regard to the processing personal data within the European Union.

You might have your rights in relation to Personal Data as set out in this section 13 restricted by the law of the European Union or Member State that the Company is subject to.

We will give you the information requested in accordance with your rights in this section 13 immediately and in any event within one year of receipt of your request. This can be extended to two additional months depending upon the complexity or number of your requests. Within one month from receipt of your request we will inform and explain the reason for any extension.

Unless specifically stated in this subsection 13, all information requested pursuant to your rights in this section 13 will not be charged. If requests are not justified or excessive, particularly because of repetitive nature, we can either charge a reasonable price, taking into account the administrative cost of providing the information/communication or taking any action required, or refuse to comply with the request.

The Company may request additional information from you in order for us to process your request in accordance with your rights set out in section 13. If we have reasonable doubts regarding the identity of the natural persons making the request, We will ask you to supply this information.

12. These Policy Amendments

We may change the terms of this Policy from now on. Any time We modify this Policy we will notify you via the Website. In addition, any significant amendments we make to this Policy will be communicated to you using the methods of communication that we consider most appropriate. A notice about such amendments will also be published on the website. All amendments, except where stated otherwise on the Website, will take effect immediately upon publication.